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Purpose & Belief Statement

St. Paul's is a gospel-centered church where the name of Jesus is lifted high.  Faithful expositional preaching that is verse-by-verse is what you will hear each Sunday.   We believe that the Bible is completely true and without error. 

We seek to submit to God and His Word.  The Gospel defines what we do and who we are at St. Paul's. 

You will be warmly welcomed into our church!  We invite you to visit us on a Sunday!  We hope to meet you soon!

Purpose Statement

St. Paul's Congregational Church exists to glorify God by displaying and proclaiming Jesus within our church, to Greeley, & to the world.

We aim to make joyful, passionate disciples of Jesus who love God and love their neighbor.

We hold firmly to the inerrant and authoritative Word of God given to us in the Bible and believe the work of God is the basis of faith.

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What We Believe

Glorify— We will keep God's glory as the focal point of everything we do. We want to see Jesus known and worshipped.

Unite— We will connect in an authentic community around Jesus and His Word.

Mature— We will grow together as

disciples of Jesus as we run the race of faith together. Maturation comes by God’s grace through the Holy Spirit, God’s Word, and God’s community, the church.

Multiply— We will strive to see the Kingdom of God spread as others come to know Jesus in Greeley and throughout the world, as new churches are started, and old churches are revitalized.

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